Creative endeavors can lift us like no other cerebral activity. Using the creative process itself as a guide, I will take you on an expressive journey with every post that will inspire, enlighten and transform the way you experience and see the world around you, opening your mind and heart to a more artistic life. I hope you will join me!

When do we paint? When do we create? Whenever we feel like it! Don’t worry about dirtying those nails people. They can always have a mani tomorrow. #paintsomething #golden #montanaartists #yourmanicanwait

Word of the day: contemplative. She is nothing short of brilliant, this little being that knows all, senses all, and never ceases to seize the drama of her existence. #catsofinstagram #inshadow #contrast #morninglight

#neighbors #bodysnatchers #bodydoubles #surreal #cantgetenough

Body snatchers. #surreal #bodydoubles #bodysnatchers #neighbors

#passonthepassion A reminder on our walk to find your passion and cultivate it! (at Silver Park Missoula Mt)

Gum wall extravaganza. #gumwallseattle #artinthehood (at Gum Wall)

Style boards – highlighting texture, color, and mood. Always a joy. I like to use cork board as the background for ease of planning and attachment; spray painting or covering it if I need a background color. This one is for a master bedroom design, but I use a similar process to plan artwork at […]

Art in the hood. Inspiration on our evening walk last night. Railways and bicycles. #artinthehood #whatisit

Room with a view. Was reading; got distracted. Evening light or morning light? Such a quandary. #roomwithaview #eveninglight