May 14, 2019


When I think of her accomplishments in my mind, I don’t imagine them as mile markers on a highway. Instead I imagine weathered, old stone markers along a back road somewhere. We ride together in the back of an old pickup with her dog Blue, taking in the sights and sounds of the country. We see a broken sign that intrigues. We stop, jump out and investigate. She goes ahead, walking the stone path barefoot as it leads toward a tiny cottage in the woods. He follows. Peace. Contentment. The smell of the earth wafting up through the sunlit undergrowth into her nostrils, only hinting at the accomplishment. I watch.

There is no “in your face” scent of success. Just the pure, quiet smell of honor, the sense of wellbeing derived from tackling a worthwhile feat. She walks happily toward the stage, relaxed, bathed in the moment. And then I see the finish line rush up under her feet and past her outstretched arms. The cords marking her as one of the best. Joy. Relief. Exuberance. A grin on her face And mine. A bouquet in her hands. A tassel hung delicately off the graduation hat as she dances along those stones. Pride. Sacrifice. Another chapter finished. Another door opened. Another opportunity to embrace. She looks back and smiles.

The graduate - Anna Elizabeth Jobe

The graduate – Anna Elizabeth Jobe

Another Milestone has been reached. But i know as her mama, that this is only the beginning. I have known that every time she reaches the end of one challenge and grasps out for another. Her hunger for life and knowledge and love is greater than most. Her fear less. She runs along with the wind in her face and the sun on her shoulders, never worrying too much or resting too long.

Today we celebrate another milestone. Tomorrow she cultivates another opportunity. All the while I wait and watch and honor her. Admiration intact. Loving her busy, bold soul as she charges ahead, Aussie at her feet, bouquet still in her hand.

“Little Boy Blue with a View” – acrylic on canvas 2019

Onward and upward!





  1. Sue Graham Shrum Hiatt says:

    Delightful. Just as I felt/thought when my granddaughters graduated from their different universities. Great, Faye!

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