Style should be inspiring, creative, and fresh!
My RAD journey is your journey. And your RAD journey is mine.
Art is the vehicle and life is the inspiration. 
Cheers, Cindi

Style - A mode of living. A way of life. A sense of style is a subjective thing; something you just know deep down inside. It is almost as if we are born with it. Yes. But I believe it is also cultivated and nurtured. Like anything creative, we can tell you if we've chosen the right color, texture, placement, lighting or combination.
It just "feels" right...
As we grow this connection, you will receive new inspiration every time you visit RAD through my art, my words and my actions. Breath in a little RAD Style. 


What inspires you?
Where do you go for inspiration?
What sparks your imagination?
My muse is nature. I am inspired by stories and Life.
Join me on this journey!