Repertoire Art & Design – by the book

Cultivating an ARTISTIC LIFE!

I am Cindi A. Jobe, with Rep-er-toire |ˈrepə(r)ˌtwär| Art & Design, your personal guide to cultivating a more artistic life. As a trained and practiced artist, professional designer and writer, I am sharing a lifetime of ways to nurture a more creative, artistic life. By sharing my own creative art processes and experiences, personal stories, and design ideas, I will help you uncover ways to become a more creative person, nurturing a more artistic life for yourself too!

Sometimes messy, always personal, and hopefully even weird at times, I want this blog to be worth a quick read, maybe a good cry, and provide new inspiration for you every time you visit. I want to help you cultivate more artistic ways to live your life, inspire worthy conversations with friends and family, and generally add deeper aesthetic meaning to the world around you. I promise this blog and its contents will be worth following, and sharing with others. We may even become friends in the process! You will find yourself coming back again and again for more than art inspiration; you will come back to grow a more artistic life worth living along with me.

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