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The French

 Limited Edition French Collection boxes and bundles! Collaboration is so much fun!

These lovingly curated boxes and bundles include journals, papers, digitals, trinkets, art, sachets, and so much more,
designed and handcrafted by The Three Muses.
Yours is unique. Each grouping is a limited edition.
We hope you will treasure the experience of unpacking and sifting through our hand crafted and hand picked French inspired gifts.
We have also enclosed a list of unique ways to share the items in your box with others.
Pass on the love. Pass on the experience of French romance from the late 19th century,
inspired by The Eiffel Tower, Versailles, and the art of the times. Romantic and chic! 
 Avec beaucoup d'amour'
The Three Muses
Cindi, Karen and Margie