What is creative living? Not what is trendy. Not what is popular. But how do we cultivate an artistic life worth living? I am striving everyday to answer that question in my own life. And I hope you are too. I have become passionate about this idea and it is the driving force behind the direction my blog is heading. I am finding that cultivating an artistic life allows us to find ourselves within the world around us and connect more deeply to our personal stories personal stories.

Today’s quote:

enter Shakespeare

Set the stage

One of the most fascinating artistic human minds ever to create; his fascination with Curiosity vs Fear caught my attention. He wrote dramatically about the human condition. But rather than just document human nature, he told stories through dynamic characters and set the stage literally for us to identify our own stories within his.

Granted we need a guide, preferably a well trained English professor to guide us on a Shakespearean journey.

Now, I am no professor, and certainly no expert on “The Bard”. And so you won’t be learning much about the greatest poet to have ever lived. But I do bring a wealth of experience in the arts and how they support a worthwhile way to live. So follow me here. Read my thoughts. And coming very very soon, subscribe to a creative journey of your own, curated by me, but cultivated and experienced by you.

Here’s to Curiosity winning over Fear and Creativity being the vehicle.


2 thoughts on “The Bard – Curiosity rules!

  1. Perfect quote!
    I am so thankful each time my curiosity prevails over my fears. Approaching life this way is a choice I choose to make each day.

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