The Bard – Curiosity rules!

What is creative living? Not what is trendy. Not what is popular. But how do we cultivate an artistic life worth living? I am striving everyday to answer that question in my own life. And I hope you are too. I have become passionate about this idea and it is the driving force behind the […]

start inspired, stay simple, enjoy!

Journaling – a yoga practice

Inspire your yoga practice through journaling Step 1 – choose a place to write. Recently, my yoga teacher, Bonnie Kiser, suggested our studio Montana Om participate in a 30 day yoga journey during the Full Moon This opportunity to grow our Anusara practice is not just about our guided practices at the studio, but growth […]


Milestones… When I think of her accomplishments in my mind, I don’t imagine them as mile markers on a highway. Instead I imagine weathered, old stone markers along a back road somewhere. We ride together in the back of an old pickup with her dog Blue, taking in the sights and sounds of the country. […]

Fate – find yourself

Fate brings us back to ourselves. It is maddening to wait for news. News of a medical test; news of a job offer; news of someone’s safe arrival in bad weather. Humans want a win every damn time. Game on! But success and failure are often out of our control. Even happy news like gender […]

XX XY Recalculating

Sometimes a body of work is not planned but grows out of nowhere. A tiny seed. Much like an embryo. Here is one of those bodies… “How do we deconstruct the biology of our sexuality and transform?” Live life. Celebrate life. “Is that which transpires in between worth the fight?” Yes. Yes it is! Undoubtedly. […]

Have new eyes…

Marcel Proust – “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Examining anything from a new perspective requires an openness to what could be, not just what already is. When we are struggling, life can feel limiting and narrow, overwhelming and complicated – even for just a […]

Cultivating an Artistic Life

Creative endeavors can lift us like no other cerebral activity. Using the creative process itself as a guide, I will take you on an expressive journey with every post that will inspire, enlighten and transform the way you experience and see the world around you, opening your mind and heart to a more artistic life. I hope you will join me!

My Choice not Yours

“My Choice, Not Yours” – acrylic on wood panel for #300plates2017 #artaccessslc #art #morethanmyunderwear (at Art Access)

Hang in There

“Hang in There” – market chickens in Morocco. Acrylic on wood panel. And when the time comes to choose – choose humanity not nationalism. Choose diversity, not narrow minded ness. Choose hope, not cynicism. Choose art. #artaccess #300plates2017 #morroco #nakedchickens #artislife (at Art Access)

Just Do It!

When you set deadlines, it just happens. Until next year. #artaccess #300plates2017 #justdoit #artislife #slcart #slc #repertoire #chickenshit #nakedchickens #lingerie #venice #morroco #artistsofinstagram