May 12, 2023

May Day

Each day is literally a 24 hour process of wake, live, sleep, repeat. This feeling can be a grind of repetition and apathy or a place of growth and joy. We decide. We can just exist here on this earth or we can choose to shine. I try hard to choose the latter. Especially today.

Some days I can only muster a glimmer or a spark. Not much shine, blowing on a tiny ember, trying to keep it alive. Other days it’s like reigning in a wildfire. Either way, some version of shining is my aspiration. Glowing. Fanning the flame. Repeat.

We know every day is a new opportunity. How we experience each day becomes a mixture of choice and happenstance. Depending on the circumstances, the daily challenges can outweigh the opportunities. We can easily get frustrated. Or a dull ache takes over and we become silently satisfied with less. It seems easier to succumb than to fight or expect more.

But when we lean into this place of “shining”, we discover our best life. We begin to breath consciously, create, choose, grow and manifest the best in ourselves. We realize we can make a difference. We matter. We thrive. We live purposely.

Rise & Shine

The rise part is an eventuality. But the shine part – that’s where I want to park my bike today – in the sunshine. As Pink says – cover me in sunshine baby. I am here for that. All day. May Day.

But how to shine? Why do some of us shine and some of us struggle in the dark? Is it really a choice to shine? Why are some of us stuck in a continuous loop of repetitive struggle? These kinds of days can feel like we have no say in the matter. But we do.

I work to make every day all about rising and shining. Cover me in sunshine, baby, even if it means peeking through the clouds. Even if it rains on my parade today. Even if the only way to shine is in my heart and mind; I want to shine.

I felt like shining most days growing up. Not because my life was perfect. Lots of times it was hard. But because I knew I was loved. My people showed me love and I loved myself in return.

I think back to all the people I shared my mornings with over the years. My mom gently waking me for school. My sister and I eating Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Picking up my best friend to drive to school. Showing up for part time jobs early on weekends. College. Marriage. Raising kids. Being a teacher and coach.

Sometimes the daily challenges overshadowed the desire to shine. But it is so important to try. To show up. To strive. My village helped me rise and shine my entire life. Supporting me to be my best. Asking more of me but giving back too.

Rest & Recover

There are also times to rest- delayed rise and shine. That sweet moment when we realize we can just turn over and snuggle in. The delayed gratification of rest is simply divine. No guilt because we are due this time. Time to rest. Time to reflect quietly in our protected cocoon. Time is a gift we give to ourselves to rest, restore and heal. Before the day begins. Before we have to show up. A respite.

The overriding purpose is that we wake rested and ready to rise and shine in new ways. We get an opportunity to choose a better path or try a new idea. We get to be ourselves but different. Internal acceptance and respect is realized. We grow.

The choice of how we rise, how we shine, and how we live is ours alone. No matter the inconsistencies of the world. No matter the challenges. We choose. Each of us. We choose our reactions. We choose our roles. We choose our path for the journey ahead.

So on this May Day, as the sun rises, I send out my gratitude for the opportunity to awaken myself to a new day, a new beginning and another chance to shine. Today I begin again.

I wish a happy rise and shine day to myself and to all of you. Not because today is any different from any other. But because it is exactly the same. When I awake there is a new day set out in front of me. What I choose to do in between is a smorgasbord of choices. I honor these choices. The sun will set later today like every other. There are no guarantees about tomorrow. Or even the next hour. But the opportunities in this moment make my heart sing. Time to create. Time to shine.





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