Nov 2, 2022

I planned on being on the computer today, designing patterns, attending a weekly webinar, applying for some design contests. In general spending a relaxed morning with a steamy cup of coffee, creating art in my studio. 

But instead I am literally in the dark. A power outage has waylaid my studio day. The wind and rain of last night’s storm turned into snow this morning, too heavy a weight to bear on the still leaf-laden trees. Now our power is out. So…I am at my art desk in a “half light” of sorts, barely enough light emanating from my studio window to really work. 

It has been almost 4 hours now. At this point I have upgraded to a heavier sweater, added a stocking cap, warmer socks and hiking boots instead of slippers. My hands are still warm enough to work on some abstract watercolors I have been meaning to get back to. But at a crisp, windy, snowy, cloudy 32 degrees outside, I have little hope of it warming up inside much until the power is back on.

Creating anything visual may be a challenge until further notice. But I am finding myself surprisingly happy with how the morning has transpired anyway. Serendipitous. I got a reprieve that I didn’t realize I needed. Happenstance intervened. I am loving it! 

A bit of welcome chaos

Honestly, I don’t mind. A bit of uncertainty with just a smidgen of chaos thrown in now and then makes for an interesting life. It spices things up – don’t ya think? 

I am one of those people that likes to drive a different route to the same location. I don’t mind if scheduled plans morph into something new. I prefer leftovers two days later, not in a row or I can make something for dinner out of nothing so the leftovers don’t reappear at all. And I actually like surprises, even if the outcome or endgame is unknown. Roll the dice – Yahtzee! 

How is your morning? Got power? Is it “per usual” or organized chaos? Do you feel rushed but on the right track? Do you get freaked out if the power goes out or your best laid plans get ruined? Or are you good with a little uncertainty that shakes things up?

How do you deal with change? Have you asked yourself what you would do if you had to pivot today? What if your power goes out and you have a deadline?

I have been thinking a bit this morning about just exactly how I feel about this forced change in plans. I have decided to refer to it as a “reprieve” – not the serious version , but just the “saving grace” kind. The kind that gives respite to a tired mind, a tired body and a tired soul. Sometimes we just need a break. Right? Didn’t know I needed one. But here it is in my lap. So, I’ll just have to go with it. Welcome serendipity to my life today and see where it takes me. 

If you are interested, like I am, to know more about serendipity, and you love rituals that keep your world on task – check out the link for more on how to welcome serendipity from LAURA WABEKE


As you are reading this, you might think, well she is writing (on the Notes app on my mobile phone) and not creating art. And that is my point. Whatever the day brings, I can pivot. You can too. We all can. It is just a matter of mindset. Problem solving and pivoting are just one power outage away for each of us. 

I have sometimes reluctantly learned this ability to pivot tackling life’s challenges, but also positively from practicing yoga for over 25 years. Pivoting is paramount to understanding change. Aging and a life well-lived brings valuable experience, but it also brings a wider perspective – room for grace. That is what yoga brings to me. And in today’s case, a chance to rethink my day. (Yoga later of course when it warms up!)

My sister mentioned pivoting recently when she was changing course on a project. I said I liked to think of pivoting as an opportunity. I still feel that way. Even this morning as I realize not much is going to get done in the cold and dark. But new things that I hadn’t planned on are coming to mind. Like writing (and I am sure this will be on the blog by this afternoon). Like walking over to the post office to mail a birthday card to a friend since I have time. Like drinking cold coffee instead of hot (well that part sucks!) and of course playing on my desk instead of my computer.

Reprieves and pivots live in the space between the stress of our lives and the opportunity to solve problems. We can put off something we didn’t want to do anyway or maybe even avoid it completely. Either way, the serendipitous nature of a reprieve…wait


Power ahead

See what I mean. The power is back on! Four and a half hours later and I am about to have computer access, heat and electric lights again! In an instant we can be without. And then the next instant we can have just what we need. POWER! – the electric kind or the personal kind. Power often comes to us when we release ourselves to the world and find joy and purpose in something rather than through force or conscious gain. What we had forced may not be the right path. Our journey without power may take us places we never imagined (or just a cold walk to the post office). The new power may be better than the old, or just the power company restoring my electricity so I can get back to my day. Either way – I feel rejuvenated! 

Today I received a serendipitous opportunity to pivot. Only a tiny four and a half hour one. No big epiphanies. No changes needed. But nevertheless a lovely, if not cozy surprise. I am reminded to be grateful that life isn’t often boring or predictable. And that I have to remember how much I appreciate what I do for a living – create art. Because when the world went cold and dark today, instead of feeling afraid, I just felt rejuvenated and grateful. 





  1. Linda L Hoenigsberg says:

    Cindi…I feel like I am learning more about pivoting and releasing this past year than ever, and I know I have a way to go before I have to go through the stress/storm part before I reach the peaceful “lean into” side…but I’m getting there! Great posts. I’m in Lissie Teehee’s course with you and love your work SO MUCH!

    • Cindi Jobe says:

      Lovely to “meet” you Linda. Thank you for taking the time to read from my blog and for reaching out. Along with my visual work, I love to write. I am happy my words spoke to you.

      Your watercolors are beautiful. It is also one of my favorite mediums.

      Will look forward to more interactions between us.



  2. Linda L Hoenigsberg says:

    edit for above comment: “…before I DON’T have to go through the stress/storm part….”

you said:

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