All the world is a (tragic) Stage

Mar 17, 2020

The World as We Know it…

In line with all the things I love to write about on this blog, there is still HOPE. Even today in the middle of a global crisis. And this HOPE calls me to write and create and share about is what is going on in the world at this very moment. I hope you are doing the same. But not just the scary stuff. I won’t ignore the indescribable fear and paralyzing uncertainty. But just focusing on fear, sickness, death, ‘sheltering in place’, the health of loved ones, or the economic woes caused by this pandemic won’t fix this. We need HOPE. HOPE across the globe in the name of humanity. I want to pause and write about HOPE and HUMANITY . Just observing and sharing who we are underneath all our fragility and fear and differences. Who are we? What can we do to work together to combat an invisible virus? A LOT!

Beauty comes in many forms.

I need to recognize what is still normal and beautiful, loving and precious, true and real, worthwhile and hopeful in this world and in us. The list could go on for this entire page. For infinity. Because as humans, we are SO much more than our politics or our flaws. In spite of the alarming news of this pandemic, children in my neighborhood are still running and playing with their dog in their yard. Their easy laughter drifting across the street like a symphony. You think they aren’t afraid? They are. But in the purity of their little souls lies HOPE.

Outside the low porch windows of my house I can see the subtle clues that Spring is indeed on the way. Bulbs sprouting, bushes budding, Meadowlarks singing. The world goes on in survival mode, but Spring continues to sprout. Humanity continues to live and breath and love in spite of the dire messages on the news about this nouveau rebel virus. In spite of what we will have to endure, we will thrive on the other side of it all. Primarily because of HOPE.

HOPE really does spring eternal…infinite and powerful. Even though it is a gorgeous, sunny late winter day in Polson, MT, few people are walking or driving by my busy corner. I feel it in the nervous energy of my dog-walking neighbor. It is apparent in her cautious wave that she shrugs, and hopes that humanity will conquer fear once again. The community is uncertain, unsure, waiting. It is peaceful and quiet in the eery way that a horror movie pauses before the zombie jumps out. Still. I can feel the HOPE. Not hope with a little “h”. But HOPE in all caps. Big, bold and real. HOPEful…

time to write

I plan to continue writing about this journey a CREATIVE JOURNEY that celebrates life as it honors the challenges we face, the grief we must endure, and the soul searching that ensues. I am inspired by humankind and the way we band together. You can join me too on the RAD Fresh Creative Journey if you want more ways to honor your thoughts and feelings during this trying time through writing and creating visual journals.

HOPE is rising in my heart and my head in spite of the news.To be clear. I don’t know a damn thing more than the rest of you. I watch the same news, hear the same statistics, and fear the same results. But I FEEL the HOPE. I FEEL the positive energy, the humanity rising in all of us. I SEE it in the children, but also in their parents, and grandparents, my neighbors, my yoga kula, my girlfriends, my family, the community I live in. I hear it finally in our leaders, our scientists, doctors and nurses. Masking their own fear and concern and fatigue, their HOPE rises too. It is loud and strong and determined. It sounds and looks like a big “fuck you virus”. “Don’t mess with us!” “You’ll be sorry!” “We are going to kick your ass.” “You obviously don’t know who you are dealing with.” But it also looks like LOVE and HOPE and GRACE and DETERMINATION.

HOPE and Determination – the human one-two punch

I have faith that my human family is going to crush this! We have already lost too many to this thing to give up or become complacent. If we have to rise up, stick together, forget our differences and fight one single foe, we WILL do that. We WILL conquer you! We will conquer our fears and our doubts. We will put aside our differences and fight. We are determined to win. You have messed with the wrong species, COVID-19. Because there is still some ancient survival mode inside us with so much power that it seeps right out of our pores when threatened like this. Much like a mama bear or a Marine, we will fight to the death to defend our own. No war, sadly ever gets fought without casualties. Humanity knows this like the back of our hand. This will get way more ugly than it already has before it gets better. There will be more grief and fear and hurt. But in the end, we will learn, and apply our knowledge and lean into this threat like a boss. And we will win! We have no choice. We are beginning now to know what it will take. We are up to the task. HOPE will win.

March 17, 2020 St. Patrick’s Day

On this day, March โ˜˜๏ธ 17th, 2020 we are more alike than we are different. We share more of the same fears, but also more of the same hopes and dreams than ever before. I wish ๐Ÿ€ continued and renewed health, healing and prosperity for all my friends and family but also for the world. Healing will come. But we must be patient and kind. Supportive and open to grace.

So on this day I am reaching out with some of my photography. Lovely green visual images to inspire and brighten โ˜€๏ธyour day. To wish eventual recovery for the world from our current fears of the unknown. Hereโ€™s to future ๐ŸŒˆ rainbows, avocado toast or matcha out with friends, a walk in the rain, a chance to live and love and be loved. A future sunrise free of illness and fear.

The HOPE and love in my heart sees the HOPE and love in all of yours. ๐Ÿ™ Namaste my dear ones. And Happy St Patrickโ€™s Day to all ๐Ÿ€

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