Personal Creative Journey

Cultivating an Artistic Life

(guided by yours truly – Cindi A. Jobe)


Want to make 2020 your best year ever? Create something just for yourself that you have always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten around to doing. Most of us make New Year’s resolutions or goals. Read a little more? Save money and paint our own nails? Play in the garden? Get outside in nature? Start a journaling or sketchbook practice? Yes! That’s it!

The absolutely best way to cultivate a more artistic life?

Work creatively!

One of the most convenient and fun ways is working in a sketchbook or visual journal. Check out examples below in this post and in my post Journaling – a yoga practice. You’ll see the possibilities. And hopefully feel inspired to join me for our Creative Journey starting this month. SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE OPEN! I hope with this blog as inspiration, you will discover an ongoing journaling practice that will inspire you. Even if you don’t join my subscription service. Soon you will look back with pride, admiration, and maybe a bit of “Look what i did!” or “I love what my writing taught me.” or “I never new I could…” Whether you share proudly with your friends and family, or just enjoy the process privately, the idea is to begin to discover your own creativity again, or nurture and grow within your current practice.

So join me, and create your own daily/weekly/monthly sketchbook or visual journal habit. You know you want to, or maybe you already have a journaling practice, but you want to spice it up a little.You’ve thought about it, but maybe you were afraid creating art was only for those “born” artistic? Not true.

Either way, I am launching a journaling practice called the Creative Journey to carry you through the spring into summer. Beginning March 2020, I will begin to guide you through some fun and hopefully inspiring ways to build your daily creative practice. Start from where you already are, or let me convince you to try some new ideas to help you create a more inspired creative journaling practice. My heartfelt intention is to cultivate that artistic life you are yearning for but haven’t taken the time to develop. This blog is here to help you do just that! I am here to guide you. And your fellow creatives may just become some of your best friends and your biggest supporters as we create our Facebook Group and YouTube followers, Subscription service, links to great inspiration, materials, supplies and media, and new processes that will help you connect to yourself and your PERSONAL CREATIVE JOURNEY.


At RAD – Repertoire Art & Design, I am ALWAYS thinking of ways to cultivate an artistic life. It is just a daily process for me. But part of the focus of this blog is to take you with me on the journey. So I think it is finally time to reach out to all of you and encourage a daily practice: SKETCHBOOKS! VISUAL JOURNALS! and more, oh my! This process doesn’t have to feel scary, official or intimidating. You don’t have to have ANY previous experience. But if you choose to join the subscription, you will get lots and lots of encouragement, interaction, suggestions, and references that inspire and guide. teachings on the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design for all you art geeks, and for those of you that love to write, I will be encouraging processes in creative writing that will free you from judgement and encourage your creativity to shine.

All levels welcome! No judgement. No comparisons. Just you and your work discovering,  creating and growing.

Quote by Wm Shakespeare

Drawing, sketching, writing, collaging and generally playing in a sketchbook or visual journal is one of THE BEST WAYS to keep yourself inspired and headed in a creative direction. Doing it on a daily basis is magical and freeing. Just like anything else we devote time to on a regular basis, we often hope that this daily experience will become a habit —one that nourishes our hearts and minds, then feeds our souls. Perfection! So stick with me for the next few posts as we start spring, and continue into summer with a renewed focus on cultivating an artistic life in new and exciting ways.


Spring ☀️  Creative Journey is an INTRODUCTION to creating a DAILY SKETCHBOOK or VISUAL JOURNAL practice. Below are some visual suggestions to help you get started before the launch in March. My own artwork, journals, Inspiration from books, like The Compleat Gardener, Eyewitness Books, and cards from Yoga Journal just to name a few.


What inspires you?

Inspiration and creation

First, buy or create a journal or sketchbook. I will show you how to create your own from scratch in a later post to come if you like. But it is just as easy and perfectly okay to buy one! (Here is a list of possible kinds to buy: Bullet Journals, Decorative Journals, Everyday Journals, Guided Journals, Inspirational Journals, Leather Journals, Notebooks, Paperblanks, Photo Albums, Planners, Sketchbooks, Specialty Journals) Check out more about this list at Michaels , Barnes & Noble and Dick Blick . Online or in person, just keep in mind that your own research about surfaces, sizes, budget, media, etc. should guide you.

Choosing the right surface to work within? After reading about each kind online, check out your local art supply store, stationary or card store, department store or box store. They ALL have options these days. (see above).  If you want to use wet media, be sure your paper can accommodate that. If you like lined paper, or a handmade version, or something you can personalize, go with those. No wrong choices here. Most of you will want to collect many many versions over time. But to have the most fun and to make the most informed choice, visit the store, and choose for yourself in person.

Decorate it however you like, or go clean and neat on the outside. Start with a size that feels comfortable. A smaller size often feels less intimidating. But if you are all-in, pick a big one! I like those that offer multi-media options such as “good for pencil, marker, and water media”. Or buy a couple and choose a different one depending on the medium you want to work with or the mood you are in. I keep multiple sketchbooks and journals going at the same time. Different kinds of paper, finishes, sizes and options, like those that include inspirational quotes. My mood is my mood and I don’t want to compromise on inspiration. So many choices!

Choose a time of day to sketch or write that works best for you. Honor your needs. Some of us are morning people, some evening people, and still some of us can work in front of the TV blaring or while listening to a podcast. Alternatively, if you need a quiet space or music to work to, provide that for yourself. And if all you can do is grab some  “me-time” as it is available, then do that. Try not to judge. But DO consciously devote at least 15 minutes EVERY day. As we launch our summer practice, I will give you lots and lots of ideas to stay motivated. You may miss a day or two here or there because of other fun summer commitments. That’s required too! Our art is inspired by the lives we

lots of options for drawing

live. So live it up! Grab a glass of wine, cold glass of lemonade or a cup of coffee and don’t forget to play a little in your sketchbook every day!

Mixed media materials
Watercolors in every form are a great way to enhance your visual journaling experience.

Gather your art materials. I am creating a basic list as part of the LAUNCH that will be available for download. In the meantime, take a look around your house and see what you already have, then buy whatever you need to round out your stash of materials. Choose a container to keep your supplies in. You can see my tackle box above, but i have more than one to stash different materials for different projects and different traveling situations. If it remains portable, I am more likely to venture outside or take it with me on an outing or trip. Hint: if you have kids, they are bringing home “junk” from school and there are probably loads of extra markers, pencils, erasers, etc. that they deem “used”. Grab those too, throw it all in a box of some sort. Anything to keep you organized and ready to go!

Find a quiet place to write, draw and ponder.

Find a place to work. Choose an inspiring (and hopefully quiet) space to work. I like to mix it up depending on the time of day, lighting, weather, etc. Stay inside. Go outside. Take over the kitchen table. Create a DIY art table. Curl up in your favorite chair on the porch. Or take a walk to your local coffee shop. All you have to have is a pen or pencil! Old school “doodling” is fun, easy and unassuming. And if you are a writer or poet, start with your favorite pen that writes like a dream and lets you feel free and creative. I love to mix writing and sketching together in the same place, often even mixed media as well. Don’t limit yourself if it makes you feel creative. But if you are a little intimidated, then start simple.

work space and coffee

Take a breath, open the book and…create! Don’t be afraid to play a little in your sketchbook or journal so you feel comfortable. Then when our Spring ☀️ Creative Journey drops, you will find lots and lots of awesome suggestions to kick start the rest of your spring into summer. I will be here for you on your journey. You will be able to download processes, prompts, inspirations, directions, guidance and inspiration,  including calendars and materials lists. The best advice is just to start. Again if you are intimidated, no worries. I’ve got you.

I will also be meeting you on Facebook and IGTV each week or so for a live stream where you can share and ask questions. If you aren’t into social media, then catch the replay of the stream on my PROCESS page anytime on YouTube. It’s FREE! Links in the Subscription.

In the meantime, follow the Daily Sketchbook and Visual Journal prompts i will put out online via Instagram and Facebook and enjoy! Just start a few pages in. There are no rules. I am giving you permission to love it, hate it, start over, tear out a page or whatever. It is perfectly okay to work however you want —inside out, back to front, tear pages out, glue pages in, fold a page over, or whatever suits your mood or occurs to your creative mind. Just do it!

Get started!

Your Creative ☀️ Journey Awaits

March 2020 Launch

I will offer the downloadable prompts, calendar and materials list to get you started as a package. The lists are for artists of all persuasions, including writers and poets who want to add some visual spice to their work. Anything goes! Download them all. Find two, simple fun FREE downloads right here that you can print now. Then as we go, save and refer online or print and save in a binder for reference. Truly. Don’t get stuck thinking there is only one way to work in a sketchbook or journal.

The SUBSCRIPTION OPPORTUNITY IS NOW LIVE on the website and social media! Get ready by gathering your journal or sketchbooks, materials, and identify a place and time to work.

No boundaries. No rules. No expectations.

Use this blog as a place to cultivate an artistic life everyday. I will be including suggestions for prompts, words of the day, themes and ways to play starting early in March 2020. Use the suggestions to your heart’s desire, or throw them out and play. A guided practice is what i am shooting for in the downloads —not a “how to”. So expect to have lots of suggestions, ideas and prompts designed to inspire. But everyone’s pages will be different, awesome and inspiring! Some of the downloadables are FREE and some are a few dollars depending on the depth and breadth of the information. You choose what you like and think will be of help to you. This is an ongoing personal Creative Journey, but let me know how you are doing by commenting, emailing and sharing.


Once we get underway, you will be able to get onboard with a monthly subscription. Look for this option in my upcoming newsletter, in social media and right here on the blog. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you won’t miss anything!

get inspired!
Put it all together: hunting, gathering, writing, drawing, collage, and more.

Want to add a little more motivation to your sketchbook or journaling practice? Periodically, during the next few months of the Creative Journey, maybe you will feel proud enough and comfortable enough with your work to share some of it right here on the blog. Really! It will be that much fun! I promise 🙂 More coming in later posts on this opportunity! I am also working on an option to  purchase sketchbooks, journals, and art materials right here on the blog. A product page is in the works! But for now, find a couple of freebies there to wet your whistle.

More on this addition and the subscription option to the blog IS HERE! But in the meantime, SUBSCRIBE at the bottom of this page to get the blog newsletter and updates right to your email.


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