Inspire your yoga practice through journaling

Step 1 – choose a place to write.

Recently, my yoga teacher, Bonnie Kiser, suggested our studio Montana Om participate in a 30 day yoga journey during the Full Moon

This opportunity to grow our Anusara practice is not just about our guided practices at the studio, but growth of our personal connection and exploration to our journey. We are all very excited to participate! But it got me thinking about ways to inspire a deeper experience and connection to our lives off the mat. Enter the addition of Journaling.

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. After my daughter was born almost 25 years ago, I joined The Women’s Club in my hometown to get back in shape. Yoga classes came with the membership so I figured – why not? It was the best decision I have ever made. And I have been practicing yoga ever since.

Yoga offers something different and individual to each of us. Stress reduction, flexibility, and living a healthier lifestyle are typical reasons for our practice. But I also find practicing yoga helps me to feel more inspired and creative. I find I have a fuller heart, a more open mind and a desire to expand my mind, body and soul. That’s yoga. But it is also worth chronicling.

So what better way to expand and grow within the journey than to keep a journal of our thoughts and chance to examine what yoga offers each of us: Mindfulness? Reflection? Gratitude? Personal growth? Reduced stress?

Open your journal and get started!


A recent article in Gaia states beautifully how journaling can help us to realize growth and and a more complete practice for us, supporting our current practice but leading us to “more”. Check it out here at Gaia.

organizing your journey

At Montana Om, we will be keeping track of our progress during the next month via a journey card, striving for at least 21 days of at least 15 minutes of yoga, meditation, or other yoga related activities. Those of you our of the area may want to start a journey of your own or just follow along individually and check in on the blog with your insights and comments on your own process.

You can also follow Repertoire Art & Design on Instagram for more about my yoga journey as well as Montana Om

As I thought about what my extra home practice would look like, I decided to incorporate journaling into my experience. I am already using journaling as a creative process as an artist, so it seemed to make sense to connect my yoga practice as well.

So for those of you who would like to round out your practice through journaling, here are some quick and easy suggestions to get you started. Only a note pad or journal, a pen and a few minutes and you’ve got the process started. Here is an example of guided journals you can buy online by Vertillis or a gratitude journal from Ink + Volt. Or just snoop at your favorite bookstore for an unlimited selection of journals, diaries, and sketchbooks to inspire and encourage writing and drawing. And if you don’t have anything but a few sheets of paper, start there! You can always paste your writing in the journal later.

For Locals: I am also offering a mini journaling class at my home once each week over the yoga journey month. If you are interested, sign up at Montana Om for more information on location and times.

Journaling the Yoga Journey

Here is also a sample of our practice at Montana Om.

Picture Day at Montana Om




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