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What tools do you need to participate in a guided yoga journaling practice? This opportunity to grow our Yoga Practice is not just about our guided practices at a studio or online, but growth of our personal connection and exploration to our own yoga journey. Below, find ways to inspire a deeper experience and connection to our lives on and off the mat through the addition of Journaling. 

  1. A yoga practice – home practice, studio practice, online classes, teacher or student.New to yoga? Perfect. I can help guide your focus. Old hat? Perfect. I have practiced yoga for almost 25 years and I learn something new every day. Student? Perfect. Lots to learn. Teacher? New perspective and lots of embedded links to honor your teaching.
  2. A computer or smart phone to follow social media updates, download prompts, open important links. You won’t want to miss out on even one! But if you do, you can always choose from the list of prompts by theme and intention right here on the blog!
  3. A journal to write in. Any size. Any type. Even a notebook would do to get started. I am an artist so I like to work in more than one for room and inspiration. You may just want a small journal to tuck in your yoga bag.
  4. A pen or pencil. Yes. You WILL be writing! I like a three ring binder to print off and save any downloaded prompts you choose to sample. A binder helps you stay organized and allows you to look back anytime at all the cool things you can read, research and practice!
  5. Tea, coffee, or whatever comforting , cozy drink helps you to feel like writing.
  6. Inspiration- I take notes in a small journal at the beginning and/or end of most of my practices whether at home or in a studio or online class. It helps me remember important points and intentions that I want to write more about later and helps me learn from my experiences during the week, applying them to my writing. This helps me better understand my practice and focus in on intentions and meaning.

Ask yourself:

What does my yoga practice mean to me?

How has it been affected by this year’s challenges?

What do I need to grow or support my practice in this new normal?

Think about how you are currently coping with changes in your practice amid the pandemic.

Have you had to move your practice online? Do you have a home practice?

Whether you are a teacher or student, you might be looking for a new way to stay focused and connected. But it helps to ask yourself a few more questions. What are your current concerns and challenges? Are you lucky enough to still be practicing in studio? What’s working? What isn’t? What do you need from your yoga community to feel supported in your practice?

We all have questions and concerns. MY yoga journey continues to be enriched by my yoga journaling practice. Journaling helps me to connect more directly with my intentions and encourages me to go beyond the practice off the mat.

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I have been practicing yoga for almost 25 years. After my daughter was born, I joined a local gym called The Women’s Club in my hometown to get back in shape. Yoga classes came with the membership so I figured – why not? It was the best decision I have ever made. And I have been practicing yoga ever since.

Yoga offers something different and individual to each of us. Stress reduction, flexibility, and living a healthier lifestyle are typical reasons for our practice. But I also find practicing yoga helps me to feel more inspired and creative. I find I have a fuller heart, a more open mind and a desire to expand my mind, body and soul. That’s yoga. But it is also worth chronicling.

So what better way to expand and grow within the journey than to keep a journal of our thoughts and chance to examine what yoga offers each of us: Mindfulness? Reflection? Gratitude? Personal growth? Reduced stress?

Open your journal and get started!

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