Style boards

Jun 11, 2016

Style boards – highlighting texture, color, and mood. Always a joy. I like to use cork board as the background for ease of planning and attachment; spray painting or covering it if I need a background color. This one is for a master bedroom design, but I use a similar process to plan artwork at […]

Art in the hood. Inspiration on our evening walk last night. Railways and bicycles. #artinthehood #whatisit

Room with a view. Was reading; got distracted. Evening light or morning light? Such a quandary. #roomwithaview #eveninglight

Going rogue. Do or die. And then there was one. #assemblage #moretolife

Locks of love trump hate too ❤️ #lockitupforlove #locksoflove (at Clark Fork River)

Invite simplicity into your morning. Hoping your day is full of light and and love. Simple things preserve the hope, hold the space in our hearts, and thrust us into the moment instead of perilously close to the edge. Lie there in the moment and bask in the simple. It is where the light lives. […]



Not your Bey’s lemonade. #lemonade #oldschool #moodoftheday #thirsty #mondaymotivation



Happy Mother’s Day morning to all the mamas out there. May your day be full of love and laughter. #mothersday #morninglight