Cultivating an Artistic Life

May 31, 2018

So what is an artistic life?

Why would you want or need help to uncover and grow that part of yourself? Answer? Because an artistic life is what most of us are missing and we don’t even realize it! We all seem to be striving to live a more fulfilled, interesting, purposeful life, but aren’t always sure what to do or how to achieve it. Something is missing. Life seems complicated and overwhelming or maybe even disappointing and underwhelming. What if we aren’t artists? What if we have never even thought of ourselves as creative? How can we cultivate an artistic life if we aren’t artistic? Follow my posts, and you will begin to understand we aren’t born creative. We learn to appreciate and nurture that part of ourselves and create that special ‘something’ in our lives like we learn everything else —we are taught by someone who knows.

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Similarly, our busy, over-scheduled, 21st Century lives require so much of us that sometimes we get lost in its maze and shuffle. We lose our way and forget what we are living for. We lose our direction and our inspiration —our juju, our very motivation for living. But even when life is dealing us its worse hand, we can find solace and inspiration in the small, sweet, beauty that is preserved around us. Find a quiet place to write, draw and ponder.

Life is hard. Mine too. Some days it is simply about survival. But we ALL need to know how to hold onto inspiration, motivation and purpose to find and guide our path even on the hard days. I am not writing and sharing to replace your life with some version of mine. No way! I guarantee there are parts of mine that you wouldn’t want to live or repeat for love or money! But I also know from experience that often grief, pain or even simple exasperation is eventually food for thought, growth and creativity. I truly want to help you find and design your own journey; and in the process, you will find yourself.



Creative Inspiration

By sharing my own creative inspiration, art appreciation techniques, aesthetic observations, and life experiences, I can open up a world of knowledge and inspiration to you, my followers that you may never have thought were possible. You may not think of yourself as creative or open-minded. But sometimes we just don’t realize what is missing in our lives, until someone exposes us to a new experience, endeavor or opportunity that we didn’t even know was missing. Didn’t know existed. Hadn’t thought was possible or open to us.—a more artistic life.

Creative endeavors can lift us like no other cerebral activity. Using the creative process itself as a guide, I will take you on an expressive journey with every post that will inspire, enlighten and transform the way you experience and see the world around you, opening your mind and heart to a more artistic life. I hope you will join me!



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