Milestones… When I think of her accomplishments in my mind, I don’t imagine them as mile markers on a highway. Instead I imagine weathered, old stone markers along a back road somewhere. We ride together in the back of an old pickup with her dog Blue, taking in the sights and sounds of the country. […]


Cultivating an Artistic Life

Creative endeavors can lift us like no other cerebral activity. Using the creative process itself as a guide, I will take you on an expressive journey with every post that will inspire, enlighten and transform the way you experience and see the world around you, opening your mind and heart to a more artistic life. I hope you will join me!

Hang in There

“Hang in There” – market chickens in Morocco. Acrylic on wood panel. And when the time comes to choose – choose humanity not nationalism. Choose diversity, not narrow minded ness. Choose hope, not cynicism. Choose art. #artaccess #300plates2017 #morroco #nakedchickens #artislife (at Art Access)

Just Do It!

When you set deadlines, it just happens. Until next year. #artaccess #300plates2017 #justdoit #artislife #slcart #slc #repertoire #chickenshit #nakedchickens #lingerie #venice #morroco #artistsofinstagram

Block by Block

The story behind the story behind the parrots.…yes, behind the parrots, behind the story. A city is alive with stories around every corner. A parrot is not just a parrot; it is two parrots on a stroller at the coffee shop waiting patiently for their person to fuel up on espresso and move forward on […]


You are her prey. Catniss guards the shop window, prowling for customers. #catsofinstagram #powertothemakers #artislife #shoptilyoudrop #picsart #playmaker

Tools of the trade

Leftovers of the day. Just try. Remember “just do it”? Sometimes we don’t get it done. But we try. I bet you try too. “Tools” support our opportunities to create. Yay tools and yay trying! #leftoversoftheday #artislife #justtry #itsthelittlethings #repertoire

Some work requires research. Planning. Sketching. Drawing. Redrawing. Reworking. Some work just happens. Both processes can be rewarding and revealing. Both processes can be challenging. In the end, the finished piece reigns. In the end, the body of work speaks. #artislife #morethanyouknow #getoverit