Although the two things I love and practice most (Art and Yoga) don’t often intersect without intention, their special connection for me can’t be denied. I welcome their persistence, vying for my time and energy as they play so nicely off each other. A unifying  purpose often comes into focus in these two realms for […]

Peace, Love, and Understanding   Like all of you, I have been experiencing the pandemic, following the protests, watching how the news is unfolding in the media and affecting our personal lives with concern, respect and care. I have reached out subtly on social media, but not powerfully, biding my time to feel out the […]

Inspire your yoga practice through journaling What tools do you need to participate in a guided yoga journaling practice? This opportunity to grow our A yoga practice – home practice, studio practice, online classes, teacher or student.New to yoga? Perfect. I can help guide your focus. Old hat? Perfect. I have practiced yoga for almost […]