Ruby red love

Ruby red love. Apple 🍎 of my eye. #leftoversoftheday #itsthelittlethings #appleofmyeye #bensonfarm #nofilter (at Benson Farm) Advertisements


Remaining open

Doors, hearts and minds should remain open and inviting. And I am not really talking about actual doors here, people. Attitudes at home and abroad seem to be veering toward the closed-minded, less inviting, more fingerpointing, less “open-door policy, and more closed direction. Could we remedy that please with a little heads up, open hearted, […]


Even Harper enjoys quiet time to reflect. Meditation anyone? #morninglight #reflection #itsthelittlethings

Flathead Lake

This morning at the lake turned out to be the best #leftoversoftheday #WHPwilderness #itsthelittlethings #summerisover (at Flathead Lake)

Leftovers of the Day

The day holds great promise. The leftovers of the day are where we define its worth. Cindi A. Jobe – artist and designer at RAD

Tools of the trade

Leftovers of the day. Just try. Remember “just do it”? Sometimes we don’t get it done. But we try. I bet you try too. “Tools” support our opportunities to create. Yay tools and yay trying! #leftoversoftheday #artislife #justtry #itsthelittlethings #repertoire

Texture and more

Texture. Reflection. Shadow. Three-peat of simple stuff in the studio. #itsthelittlethings