Fall Inspiration

Fall Brings Us Home

Oct 14, 2021

Maybe it’s the new school year; the change of seasons; new colors to enjoy; the chill in the air; chrysanthemums, or just the butternut squash soup. YUM! Maybe for you it’s cable knit sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, raking leaves or planting bulbs. But there is a quiet sense of change as time, space and place slow and feel more comfortable and familiar. I love it! I always have. 

How about YOU?

The familiarity is just right. Right? I could never live somewhere without seasons. I have to admit to loving change because it feels like a chance for a redo – a reboot, recalculating who we are, what we believe in and where we want to go next. I don’t know about you, but I like Halloween decor, frost on my plants, the smell of burning wood in the air and fall scented candles. I celebrate fall clothes, the way we eat hot things again, and the way we socialize during the holidays. 

Maybe now we can begin to make our lists for holiday gifts. Maybe we begin to appreciate things just a little bit more, and live in a space of gratefulness this year by being the best human we can be in this complicated world. Maybe we found out that putting others first as we make our life and health decisions made us feel good about ourselves. 

My new Journal Collections and my writing are all about sharing what we love about ourselves and others. Giving ourselves permission to create, share, write and grow (i.e. self care) or gift something special to others.

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…so YES – let’s all see what tomorrow brings, and the next day and the next. Let’s reach out to our friends, family and neighbors with a new understanding of how lucky we are and how hard we worked to keep each other safe and healthy these last 18 months.  We’ve had enough of looking inward – let’s look outward toward understanding and grace. Realizing our hopes and dreams by embracing what’s BIG in our hearts – travel, spending time with family, and enjoying every little thing that this new normal can brings us. Let’s open our hearts and souls again. Let’s put others first instead of ourselves. Let’s embrace our hopes and dreams again. Let’s prepare these next few months of Fall to live our best 2022. 

I believe Fall is full of opportunities.

Ta da here they come! FALL has always felt more like a renewal than an ending. I think about nestling in and writing, sharing my thoughts again, creating and cultivating my artistic life as it embraces others. I see fall color in a fresh new way too. Move over yellow, orange, red and brown. There’s room for more. Right? …like golds, coppers, and silvers, deep rich greens next to deep brown sprigs of cranberry red-violet and burnt orange berries. And of course it wouldn’t be Fall in Montana without a bit of snow to quiet every single color. Frost on the vine, snowflakes in the crisp air and time to take it all in. 

Fall Inspiration

I am confident that many of you feel the same way. So in writing this, I hope my note hits home. That it finds you ready and willing to express yourself again through that fresh pie you are making and sharing, that walk in the leaves as you wave to your neighbors, that candle you are lighting tonight now that the light is fading. I hope you are all finding a path to your dreams just like me. And that those dreams they are awesome! 

Cheers to Fall!




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