Welcome to the RAD Fresh Yoga Journey

At RAD – Repertoire Art & Design, I am ALWAYS brainstorming ways to cultivate a more artistic, meaningful and inspired life. It is part of my daily process. I write about it on social media, I live it and create it in my personal life, and now I am reaching out to others as part of my yoga journey as well. More about me later…

Part of the new focus of my blog, and the purpose behind the RAD Fresh Yoga Journey, is to take you with me on this fresh, new guided yoga journaling adventure. This guided yoga journaling practice is a chance for you to stretch, reach and challenge yourself in new directions within the yoga practice you already enjoy. Aspire to realize a deeper sense of self. Become more mindful and conscious in our actions. Honor ourselves, our bodies, and our messages guided by the principles of yoga as an ancient philosophy.

The work we do to nurture our creative side is a vitally important part of who we are as human beings. I paint, draw, write, take photographs, garden, practice yoga, and many other creative activities. I consider our passions to be part of cultivating a more artistic, meaningful and inspiring life. Connecting to nature, pastimes, arts and culture, the world around us, and the people and causes we care about make our lives richer but also provide so much inspiration! Now with the RAD Fresh Yoga Journey, I freely welcome you to grow this creativity in your yoga practice as well through your writing, studies and discoveries.


Our SOUL…the deepest, most personal place of Oneness

As I move forward with the RAD Fresh Yoga Journey on the blog, I am encouraging us to listen more wholeheartedly to our souls.

Soulful yoga journaling ahead…

Whatever our spiritual journey, each of us possesses a need to nurture ourselves. Throughout this yoga journey, I want to encourage a spirit of openness, a willingness to be curious, to cultivate a sincere presence of self that includes mindfulness and consciousness of…

Mind + a Body + a Soul.

The SOUL is unique, and mysterious.

Our humanity resides here. Our hopes and dreams may reside in our Mind. Our health in our Body. But our Soul houses the reality of our humanity. The 5 Principles of Yoga support and establish this very guidance as well. You will read more about this in your journaling prompts.

The person we see looking back in the mirror at the end of the day can’t hide from the soul.

The soul just is. It is what makes us human.

I think of Yoga Journaling with RAD Fresh as a soulful guided yoga journey.

One that we can grow within. One that nurtures.  One that continues to cultivate a more meaningful, inspired life.

Being Present


Thank you for joining me!

Cindi A. Jobe