The Muse Within

May 25, 2020

Giving our creative mind a muse is like giving it sustenance. Cindi A. Jobe We strive to cultivate our lives in ways that grow our creative endeavors and honor ourselves just as we are; encouraging our passions and creating good habits is our focus. Messy and undeniably complicated, we can struggle as we try to […]

Balance is the fine line between challenging ourselves and falling. But falling in the water is just refreshing! Cindi A. Jobe Looking for Balance How do we define it? Balance. Is this idea of lifestyle “balance” universal? Even though we would like to think it is, we have to find our individual balance in our […]



I want to share an early experience in my life (as I remember it anyway) that illustrates the importance of nurturing our creativity and our children’s creativity from birth. Even in the simplest form, our parental, community and school support must protect and nurture creative learning and active imaginations across the school curriculum and in our homes. In this time of social distancing and online learning, it is even more important to encourage our children (and adults too) to create.

The Art of…RAD When life challenges us, we can find ourselves inadvertently reaching back in time to what we remember as an easier place. Memories from our past appear, lurking, presumably to help us sort a present circumstance. I think of this process as a random form of therapeutic reflection. The most difficult version can […]

Chapter #? (writing note – musings of the day…stories…thoughts…reality meets fiction…) She reached to simultaneously grab her phone and the “Frenchie” cup abruptly thrust at her sleepy face. Sitting up awkwardly, Catrina gulped the hot coffee in waves, slurping up the foam, and licking it off her sunburned lip. She snorted loudly and chuckled with […]

Open to Grace   Making choices to thrive and grow in times of hardship Like all humans, I find it easier to feel like myself when I am in a familiar place, interacting with people I am comfortable with, doing things I love. In times like these, when our normal lives aren’t functioning normally and […]

The World as We Know it… In line with all the things I love to write about on this blog, there is still HOPE. Even today in the middle of a global crisis. And this HOPE calls me to write and create and share about is what is going on in the world at this […]

What is creative living? Not what is trendy. Not what is popular. But how do we cultivate an artistic life worth living? I am striving everyday to answer that question in my own life. And I hope you are too. I have become passionate about this idea and it is the driving force behind the […]

Inspire your yoga practice through journaling What tools do you need to participate in a guided yoga journaling practice? This opportunity to grow our A yoga practice – home practice, studio practice, online classes, teacher or student.New to yoga? Perfect. I can help guide your focus. Old hat? Perfect. I have practiced yoga for almost […]

Milestones… When I think of her accomplishments in my mind, I don’t imagine them as mile markers on a highway. Instead I imagine weathered, old stone markers along a back road somewhere. We ride together in the back of an old pickup with her dog Blue, taking in the sights and sounds of the country. […]