Morning walk

Morning walk along the river with Grandma Faye and Harper. Thanks for the pic, Mom. (at Clark Fork River)

Dog Hugs

Friends fur life. #doghugs


Summer love

Summer flower love 🌺

So gross. So mesmerizing.

Gum wall extravaganza. #gumwallseattle #artinthehood (at Gum Wall)


Beauty in the alley

The best part of city vacations are the unexpected surprises down the alleys, out of the way, and in all the right places. Alleyway art in the city. #artinthehood #wheels (at Seattle, Washington)


Divine wisdom

Long nosed cat on our coffee run this morning. Window security extraordinaire. Divine wisdom poised to pounce right out of the window. She knows we are watching but refuses to smile for the camera. I can feel her aura. She is divine. I am in love with her —-and the vase. Supremely inspiring. #cat #vase #window #reflection #lookclosely

Style boards

Style boards – highlighting texture, color, and mood. Always a joy. I like to use cork board as the background for ease of planning and attachment; spray painting or covering it if I need a background color. This one is for a master bedroom design, but I use a similar process to plan artwork at times. The Elements of Art […]


Rust and peonies

#peonielove goes deep, really deep. Thanks neighbor! #rustediron


Weather updates

Summer evenings glow with Citronella and twinkling lights on our patio. Lovin’ this weather. ☀️