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Time has no patience. She surges forward with little thought to those she leaves behind. She becomes frozen, frigid – her face so cold it takes an ice pick to penetrate her icy existence. But, when I grasp her cool hand for even a moment, I feel powerful. As she pulls and tugs and rushes […]

Block by Block

The story behind the story behind the parrots.…yes, behind the parrots, behind the story. A city is alive with stories around every corner. A parrot is not just a parrot; it is two parrots on a stroller at the coffee shop waiting patiently for their person to fuel up on espresso and move forward on […]

Ask for More

Sweeping change is women’s work; sweeping floors is just work. Equal pay for equal work is just plain fair. And International Women’s Day celebrates who we are, the progress we have made and the power of women united. Support. Sustain. Advance. Stand tall. Be brave. Unite. Insist. Persist. Question. Create. Lift up. #internationalwomensday #womenpersist #womengiveback […]

Mon Anniversaire

To my mom: Mon anniversaire was a fortnight plus 6 days ago. My mom sent me these flowers then. Although they have faded, they still hold the light of day, the texture of life and the passion of scent in every leaf, petal, and berry. I think I will try to do that too – […]


“Who will you invite to share the day, the night, the darkness? That one is your soulmate. Make room for her. She knows the way.” February 1, 2017 welcome to the month of ❤ c.a.j

Enter Stage Left

Enter stage left – a story worth reading. “What kind of story is it?” she asked. “Open the door and find out.” he said. “Sure, but it better be good…” she warned. “It will be.” he promised. “It will be.” (at Tinwell)

Stand up for Education

Last chance to rally, march, and make our voices heard. NO to DeVos. YES to providing quality education for EVERYONE 🤓 #notdevos #yeswecan #educated #kids #ittakesavillage #teachersofinstagram #specialeducation #lovetrumpshate #togetherwecanmakeadifference #standup (at Wallace Bennett Federal Building)

Air Matters

Perilous air. Beauty and the Beast in SLC. #airmatters #inversion #badair #holdyourbreath #wintersky #viewpoint (at The Anniversary Inn)


“Because solitude is an achievement.” Alice Koller #soulsearching #solitude #walkthedogandtakepics #peaceful #blockbyblock #saltlakecity #blogstofollow #comingsoon


Dormancy. Be patient. The snow will melt and we will awaken. #walkthedogandtakepics #dormant #frozen #libertypark #slc (at Liberty Park)