Evening Light

Evening light. I have always loved glimpsing into the open windows of homes as i drive or walk by. Not in that voyeuristic, weird way, but in that “love what you did with the place” sort of way. You too? Admit it. People are SO fascinating in how they decorate their homes. And, btw, this is my house… #inthehood #eveninglight #picturewindow

The path to enlightenment?

Experiencing our neighborhood by walking the walk and talking the talk. The path to enlightenment or just a walk in the neighborhood is about attitude, but also about expectations. What do you see? I see possibilities. #inthehood #walkthedog #walk

Kitty love

Often, I hear her bell ringing before I see her come running to greet me as she did today. “I am just walking to get coffee sweet girl” I say. But she purrs, asks for a rub and a wrestle before heading back to her porch. #catwhisperer #greeter #neighborhoodcat #inthehood