Change and Acceptance

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” – Angela Y. Davis Change and Acceptance In light of the current state of the world, I have been wrestling a lot lately with my role. What is the best way to be a role model? How can I increase awareness in […]


Cultivating a more open minded, inspired, life

Peace, Love, and Understanding   Like all of you, I have been experiencing the pandemic, following the protests, watching how the news is unfolding in the media and affecting our personal lives with concern, respect and care. I have reached out subtly on social media, but not powerfully, biding my time to feel out the best way to enter the […]

The Muse Within

We strive to cultivate our lives in ways that grow our creative endeavors and honor ourselves just as we are; encouraging our passions and creating good habits is our focus. Messy and undeniably complicated, we can struggle as we try to manage our experiences and limit fallout. It can be challenging to trust our inner selves these days. Not just […]

Protected: RAD Fresh Yoga Journey Introduction

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Looking for Balance How do we define it? Balance. Is this idea of lifestyle “balance” universal? Even though we would like to think it is, we have to find our individual balance in our own way and our own time. We are told to “find balance” in our lives, to be present, to practice self-care. But how? Where do we […]


Purple Bears

I want to share an early experience in my life (as I remember it anyway) that illustrates the importance of nurturing our creativity and our children’s creativity from birth. Even in the simplest form, our parental, community and school support must protect and nurture creative learning and active imaginations across the school curriculum and in our homes. In this time of social distancing and online learning, it is even more important to encourage our children (and adults too) to create.

The ART of…

The Art of…RAD When life challenges us, we can find ourselves inadvertently reaching back in time to what we remember as an easier place. Memories from our past appear, lurking, presumably to help us sort a present circumstance. I think of this process as a random form of therapeutic reflection. The most difficult version can be de ja vous, the […]


Coffee and Life Shouldn’t Suck


Open to Grace

Open to Grace Making choices to thrive and grow in times of hardship Like all humans, I find it easier to feel like myself when I am in a familiar place, interacting with people I am comfortable with, doing things I love. In times like these, when our normal lives aren’t functioning normally and our world feels upside down, it […]


All the world is a (tragic) Stage

The World as We Know it… In line with all the things I love to write about on this blog, there is still HOPE. Even today in the middle of a global crisis. And this HOPE calls me to write and create and share about is what is going on in the world at this very moment. I hope you […]