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cultivating an inspired, artistic life

I am Cindi A. Jobe, artist, designer and writer with RAD – Repertoire Art & Design. I will be your personal guide to cultivating a more inspired, artistic lifeAs a trained and practiced artist, professional designer and writer, I am sharing a lifetime of ways to nurture a more creative lifestyleBy sharing my own creative art processes, experiences, personal stories, yoga journey, and design ideas, I will help you uncover ways to nurture a more inspiredartistic life for yourself too!

NOW on the blog

– a series of inspirational blog posts for your creativity and wellness

– a guided VISUAL journaling experience


and if your are interested in expanding your horizons in a more zen way,

– a guided YOGA journaling experience


Sometimes messy, always personal, and hopefully even weird at times, I want this blog to be worth a quick read and maybe even a good cry. As we grow this connection, you will receive new inspiration every time you visit.

Let’s help each other cultivate more inspired, artistic ways to live our lives, inspire worthy conversations, and add deeper aesthetic meaning to the world around us.I promise this blog and its contents will be worth following, and sharing with others. Because when we share, we connect, and when we connect we grow. You will find yourself coming back again and again for more than art, design or yoga inspiration. You will come back to grow a more inspired, artistic life yourself.

For more Inspiration, check out my most recent projects

The RAD Fresh Creative Journey or  The RAD Fresh Yoga Journey

new opportunities to grow within your own yoga journaling practice or  creative journaling process 

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