The story behind the story behind the parrots.…yes, behind the parrots, behind the story. A city is alive with stories around every corner. A parrot is not just a parrot; it is two parrots on a stroller at the coffee shop waiting patiently for their person to fuel up on espresso and move forward on a walk that goes nowhere but home again and everywhere all at once. The experience reaches out to me, and everyone they pass, feeding our imagination and calling to our souls. Names, places and stories are each our own. Mine now includes two parrots perched on a baby carriage, riding to the bird sanctuary to say “hello"and "Polly want a cracker” when really they just want one of those espresso shots and a croissant while they talk amongst themselves. #parrot #stories #saltlakecity #9thand9th #coffeegarden #blockbyblock #artislife #citylife #askformore (at Coffee Garden)


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