Room with a View

Room with a view. Was reading; got distracted. Evening light or morning light? Such a quandary. #roomwithaview #eveninglight


Going places

Signage should take you places. This one does. Original messages nearly obliterated by time but preserving our story and our journeys; each battling the other for the win. #basscreektrail #montana


Going Rogue

Going rogue. Do or die. And then there was one. #assemblage #moretolife



I feel the need to save every cutting and broken plant. Eventually they grow roots and thrive. Patience Cindi, patience. I am positive I get this need to save things from observing the other women in my life. Other moms. My mom. My grandmothers. Making something out of nothing my entire life. Me not realizing i was taking it in […]